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Bass Boat Saver

Bass Boat Saver Black Label Ceramic Speedshield

Bass Boat Saver Black Label Ceramic Speedshield

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When using Black Label on cars, trucks, or boats, do not forget to include tires, rims, chrome trim, bumpers, and vinyl mirror housings. These pieces need protecting and the shine created will add extensively to the overall appearance.

Application Instructions:
For best results, apply Black Label Ceramic Shield to a clean dust free finish out of direct sunlight. Lightly mist Black Label on finish and evenly distribute with clean microfiber cloth. Black Label will not haze over. Use a second clean, dry microfiber cloth and buff to a brilliant finish.

Extra Protection for Your Boat:
If you have water spots, dirt and scum on your boat, motor, and trailer, for best results clean your boat with Bass Boat Saver before applying Black Label Ceramic Shield. These two formulas work extremely well together and help create the ultimate finish.

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