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Do-It #3533 Midwest Finesse Production Jig Mold MFJ-6-332

Do-It #3533 Midwest Finesse Production Jig Mold MFJ-6-332

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Arguably the hottest technique and bait of our modern time, the Midwest Finesse aka Ned Rig has quickly become a crutch in nearly every fisherman’s arsenal. Our Midwest Finesse Jig is built around the super sharp, strong, and yet lightwire Owner 5313 hook which is the perfect combination for a variety of finesse applications. Now you can pour 6 of your favorite sized Midwest Finesse Jigs at once and keep that Ned Rig box stacked at all times with the 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8oz production molds!

Item 3533
Production Mold
Model : MFJ-6-332
6 Cavities : all 3/32 oz.

Use Wire Form #WB-400 Item #2609

Use Owner 5313 Hook
1 or 1/0

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