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Megabass Dyna Response Blade Bait

Megabass Dyna Response Blade Bait

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The DYNA RESPONSE is a new concept metal vibe developed with Shinji Sato. The super-thin0.6mm stainless plate cuts through water and features a carefully sculped weight shape that generates powerful vibrations and quick start-up action. The weight’s hydrodynamic design powers a sharp, high pitch action and kicks into gear instantaneously whether employing lift &fall or more traditional retrieves. The placement of the rear treble and innovative tinsel-tail detail significantly reduce line tangle on slack line and at the end of long casts, in addition to providing an enticingly new flicker-flash to the DYNA RESPONSE’s vibrating action. With its outsized flash, high-pitch vibration, tangle-fighting tinsel and lightning-quick startup action, theDYNA RESPONSE elevates the traditional metal vibe to new heights. From the first handle turn or start of the lift, DYNA RESPONSE kicks into gear, displaying astonishing responsiveness that far surpasses traditional metal vibes. The super-thin 0.6mm plate and hydrodynamic weight design make highly responsive vibration action possible. Hand tied tinsel tail reduces entanglement with the main line and generates an extremely lifelike flashing effect.

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