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SPRO Cyclone Prop Jr

SPRO Cyclone Prop Jr

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Designed by Major League Fishing pro, Shin Fukae, the Spro Cyclone Prop Jr. Topwater creates a whirlwind of topwater action that draws lunker bass from a great distance and sparks explosive topwater strikes. Featuring a metal prop style tail, the Spro Cyclone Prop Jr. Topwater sputters and sprays a generous amount of water, which bass simply can’t stand and will ferociously attack. The unique shape of the bait also gives it a secondary head shaking action to make it look more realistic than all the other plopping style lures on the market.

Ready to fish right out of the package, the Spro Cyclone Prop Jr. Topwater features two sticky sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks that deliver unmatched hook setting performance and will ensure more fish end up in your livewell and take a trip to the weigh-in scales. Finished with a high quality paint job and realistic 3D eyes, the Spro Cyclone Prop Jr. Topwater is an exciting topwater that simply puts big fish in the boat. 

Length - 80mm
Weight - 5/8oz.

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