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Strike King

Strike King Bitsy Sexy Dawg

Strike King Bitsy Sexy Dawg

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Delivering the same "walk-the-dog" action as the original, Strike King introduces the Sexy Dawg to the Bitsy line. A great light tackle offering, the nuanced profile makes the Bitsy Dawg an erratic, bitsy-sized topwater bait and designed to "match the hatch" of smaller profile forage species.

  • STRIKE KING'S SEXY DAWG is now available in a bitsy size while maintaining the familiar walk the dawg action
  • MATCH THE HATCH by downsizing to the Bitsy Dawg when the fishing gets tough
  • PREMIUM ultra-sticky treble hooks
  • 3D EYES give off realistic effect and provide durability
  • CASTABILITY is preserved despite the size of the bait
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