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Z-Man Mini Max Chatterbait

Z-Man Mini Max Chatterbait

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A tournament quality bladed jig in a bite-sized package, the MiniMax™ has quickly become a must-have for serious bass anglers as it is ideal for situations that call for a more subtle approach and compact presentation, or in smallmouth and spotted bass fisheries.

A high-grade bladed jig in a compact package, the ChatterBait® MiniMax™ emits a potent yet subtle bladed jig vibration and has quickly ascended the ranks as a top seller in the Z-Man product line. Its patented ChatterBait® direct head-to-blade connection and downsized hex-shaped ChatterBlade® assures the bait's sound and action works on the same wavelength as the bass. This bite-sized, tournament quality bait features a premium heavy duty 2/0 black nickel hook and wire-tied silicone skirts. Dual molded conical keeper barbs snug soft plastic trailers tightly in place. Eight elite skirt color patterns correspond to a matching jig head for the ultimate in stealth, sound and visual appeal.

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