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6th Sense Fishing

6th Sense Trace 6" Fast Sink

6th Sense Trace 6" Fast Sink

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The Trace is a multi-jointed swimbait that stands alone when it comes to action and functionality. Measuring at 6 inches, the Trace swimbait has a 4-piece body that produces a life-like swimming action. What sets it apart is the interchangeable tail that is made from extremely durable soft plastic equipped with a built-in, hidden, screw lock. This feature keeps the tail connected to the hard body and was designed to maintain the life of the Trace. With three different models, floating, slow sinking, and fast sinking, the Trace will allow you to fish the depths of your choice. The floating model hovers right at the top of the water column. The sinking models has a horizontal fall keeping the Trace level as it sinks. Each one comes with super sharp black nickel hooks, 3D scales, premium paint schemes, and 3D eyes to make this swimbait as good as it gets.

NOTICE: Do not store in high heat. Do not store with other soft plastics. Our recommendation is to keep stored in original packaging.
Product Specs:
Length: 6in or 152mm
Weight: 2.0oz (Fast Sinking) - 1.65oz (Slow Sinking) – 1.5oz (Floating)
Hook Size: 1/0 (Both front & back)

Sink Rates: Fast Sink (1sec/foot) - Slow Sink (2.5sec/foot)

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