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ARK Fishing

ARK Topwater Popper

ARK Topwater Popper

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Walking right into the topwater party, the Team Ark Topwater Popper 70 took all the finest qualities of a great popper and molded it all into one. A deep front lip cup pushes plenty of water to call the big bass from a distance and get them to investigate. Easy to cast, the tight walking action, and the correct angle of tail down lay in the water, put the Team Ark Topwater Popper 70 high on list for anglers looking for the best attributes in a popper at an economical price. Keep the bass breaking the surface without breaking the bank.

With a deep color pallet to provide a perfect forage match at any watershed, the Team Ark Topwater Popper 70 took professional input and has made matching the hatch in the lower 48 as easy as it gets. A razor sharp rear feathered Mustad treble hook provides extra fish tantalizing action to an already realistic offering that bass simply can’t resist. Next time you want to fool the stubborn ones, hit the water with the Team Ark Topwater Popper 70 and show them the closest thing to the real thing they have ever seen.

Team Ark Length Weight Class
Topwater Popper 2-3/4" 3/8oz topwater
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