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ARK Fishing

ARK Topwater Slider

ARK Topwater Slider

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Sliding its way onto the topwater scene, the Team Ark Topwater Slider is just the walking bait you need to fool the most educated fish. With a slight twitch of your rod tip the Team Ark Topwater Slider 115 will effortlessly dart in a long-gliding, walk the dog action that allows it tol stay in the strike zone long enough to get those heart stopping blow ups.

Built to last, the Team Ark Topwater Slider 115 is made of quality materials and components that professionals demand. Straight out of the box the Team Ark Topwater Slider comes standard with high grade split rings, Mustad Triple Grip Hooks and Team Ark’s professionally developed custom color pallet to match the hatch. An internal rear weighted casting system puts the long-range fish in reach during any conditions and allows the bait to sit in a bottom down position during stalls and pauses. Topped off with a hand tied rear feathered treble hook to entice bites, the Team Ark Topwater Slider 115 has all the tournament grade features you want in a topwater walking bait at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay. Pick some up today.

Team Ark Length Weight Class
Topwater Slider 4-1/2" 11/16oz Topwater
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