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Bass Mafia

Bass Mafia Dangerous Swimbait Loaded

Bass Mafia Dangerous Swimbait Loaded

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The Loaded Daingerous Swimbait revolutionizes the soft-bodied swimbait market with its innovative line-thru top-hook design, which is made possible by a patented hook-harness. The Daingerous Swimbait’s Loaded configuration features a magnetized hook retainer system that utilizes magnets to secure & place the hook perfectly during all fishing presentations. The hook harness effortlessly transfers hookset power to a custom heavy-wire constructed 4/0 flipping-style hook, but then allows the bait to slide up the line after hookup - reducing lever-age for the fish and increasing landing rate. This top-hook swimbait design allows the Loaded Daingerous Swimbait to be fished on or near the lake bottom and in heavier cover than other harness-style swimbaits. The Daingerous Swimbait was engineered with an aerodynamic flat-belly design that allows the bait to be fished at low or high speeds without rolling. The Loaded Daingerous is also armed with dual hook slots for a multitude of rigging options and will be available in both shallow & deep-running versions. Chris Zaldain and the Bass Mafia team designed & tested this bait to go places and do things other baits simply cannot. If you’re ready to take your swimbait game to the next level - look no further than the Loaded Daingerous Swimbait.

  • Natural fish anatomy for realistic swimming action
  • Flattened under-belly for stability and reduced rolling during the retrieve 
  • Custom paddle-tail for reaction strikes and maximal water displacement
  • Forward-looking holographic eyeball to entice strikes from all directions
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