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Bobcat Bumpkin

Bobcat Bumpkin Next Gen Swimbait Head

Bobcat Bumpkin Next Gen Swimbait Head

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Our Next Gen Swimbait Head is a revolutionary design. We have moved the line tie to come straight out of the head which eliminates lift when retrieving your swimbaits. This allows you to keep your swimbait in the strike zone without having to pause your retrieve to let the swimbait fall back into the strike zone. The shape of the head allows the swimbait to have a slight roll back and forth. This gives you the full action of the swimbait, not just a tail kick. These heads shine for all types of swimbaits, whether it be crawling a bigger swimbait across the bottom or using a small swimbait with forward facing sonar. They feature a Mustad black nickel hook and screw lock keeper.

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