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Cush-It Bass Rod Floats

Cush-It Bass Rod Floats

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Cush-It Elite Bass Rod Float is a must-have for all types of anglers. Made from a high-density foam, which provides increased cushioning and protects your ribs from aggressive hooksets, it also offers additional buoyancy to keep your rod afloat in case of an accidental drop into the water.

The Cush-It Elite Bass Rod Float is perfect for a variety of applications, and they especially shine when throwing big swimbaits, punching mats, and ripping big spoons off ledges. Quick-and-easy to install, all it takes is a simple twist and push onto your rod and you’re ready to go. Whether you are a shore angler or a seasoned professional, the Cush-It Elite Bass Rod Float is a great complement to any rod in your arsenal.

Fits rod butts 3/4" - 1-1/16"

-Attaches in seconds
-Reduces bruising
-Won’t slip or twist during battle
-Floats rods

Cush-It Big Bass Rod Float provides increased comfort and peace-of-mind that everyone can appreciate, from the casual bank walker to the seasoned professional. Incredibly easy-to-install, the Cush-It Big Bass Rod Float fits securely over the butt of fishing rods with a quick twist and a push.

Perfect for all types of fishing, the Cush-It Big Bass Rod Float comes in especially handy when throwing heavy swimbaits, flipping, and ripping big spoons off the bottom. In the unfortunate event that a rod goes overboard, the Cush-It Big Bass Rod Float provides added buoyancy that will keep it from sinking. A functional addition to any rod, the Cush-It Big Bass Rod Float is sure to make your next fishing trip better-than-ever.

*Fits larger rod butts up-to 1.25"

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