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Daiwa DX Swimbait Rod

Daiwa DX Swimbait Rod

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A swimbait specific fishing rod that won't break the bank, the DX SWIMBAIT ROD. Built in the great tradition of Daiwa craftsmanship, the rods length and bend is perfectly suited for throwing the larger, heavier baits. Three distinct actions cover the gamut of bait sizes and weights. The 8-foot length is perfect for longer casts yet provides the leverage needed to pull on big fish.

The rod possesses a strong backbone that can cast long and move big fish. A unique Elongated Handle adds casting distance and pulling power. A Natural Cork Grip Handle is traditional, proven and sure.

1-Year Limited Warranty backs up the quality. Designed for targeting big-bait species like largemouth bass, striped bass, muskie, pike and other fresh and saltwater species. If you are shopping for a high performance, no-nonsense, task specific swimbait rod at a smart price, take a look at the utility packed DX Swimbait Rod from Daiwa.

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