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Do-It Molds

Do-It #3467 Brush Jig Mold BSH-3-SA

Do-It #3467 Brush Jig Mold BSH-3-SA

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We have wrapped a lot of technology in this weedless wonder. We started with surrounding the eye with lead to minimize any snagging points. We carefully positioned the hook to give the best angle for powerful hook sets as are needed in the thickest cover. We flattened the bottom to allow for a balanced stand-up presentation. Combined with the Mustad Ultra-Point Hook, you have one of the most effective baits to chase the big boys in the roughest cover. 1/8 x 1" base hole pin (one per cavity included).

Insert Collar Cavities Hook Style Sizes
FG-30 Ring and Barb 3 32786BLN
1/4 3/8 1/2
3/0 3/0 4/0
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