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Fishlife Livewell Treatment

Fishlife Livewell Treatment

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The key to keeping fish healthy and happy, the Fish Life Livewell Treatment conditions your livewell water to create the ideal environment during transport and handling. Forming a protective coating on surfaces inside the livewell, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment prevents abrasion during transportation and protecting the slime coat. 

Reducing the toxicity of heavy metals and harmful chemicals in the water, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment helps reduce stress placed on fish during the handling process, calming them, and ensuring that they are in prime condition when they hit the scales. Even after the fish have been weighed, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment reduces the vulnerability to pathogens that could result in infection by enhancing the natural slime coat.

Formulated without any artificial dyes or colors, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment treats up to 50-gallons of water per ounce. A must-have for tournament anglers, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment promotes better overall health and helps prevent costly tournament penalties. Tournament Developed – Tournament Tested – Tournament Proven!

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