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Great Lakes Finesse

Great Lakes Finesse Snack Craw

Great Lakes Finesse Snack Craw

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There are a ton of craw baits on the market, and most of them will catch fish. We designed this bait to be stealthy and non-threatening with a small profile to catch pressured, conditioned fish.

Three of the available six patterns feature floating claws that lift in a natural and slightly defensive posture - perfect for a ball head or NED head - while the other three patterns are made with our neutral buoyancy plastic that better suits dropshot or Carolina Rig presentations.

The industry trend with craw-style baits has been to add more features and more appendages, but our research and testing repeatedly showed that less is more when it comes to craws. This bait has no legs, and simple claws - when pulled forward on a jighead the claws push together and the bait slides away just like a real crayfish. The underside of the arms have relief cuts to allow the arms to hinge slightly for subtle action.

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