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Jewel Baits

Jewel Baits Live Spin

Jewel Baits Live Spin

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The Jewel Live Spin (Live Series Spin or LS-Spin) is a bait that targets fish using forward-facing sonar. The Live Spin has been in development for eight years. Lyndall Helms, master bait designer, was the driving force behind getting this bait design. 

“Lyndall Helms is a problem solver. The problem was he could see fish but could not get to them, so he found a way to do that. This bait was redesigned eight different times to get it where it is today. You can cast it a mile, it falls to the fish quickly, can be held at the depth where the fish are located, and the “spiral blade” pulls fish to the bait. It clearly shows up on all types of forward-facing sonar,” explained Gayle Julian, owner of Jewel Bait Company. “The design of this bait started before we had forward facing sonar, and it caught fish. With forward facing sonar, the Live Spin allows anglers to get to fish they could only see before.”

The Live Spin is designed to fall fast yet allows anglers to keep the bait at the desired depths for long periods of time. This action keeps the bait where the fish are located.

The Live Spin is 2.5” in length and weighs 1 oz, and features a custom "spiral blade."

Available in 4 colors (Pearl, Prism Shad, Table Rock Secret, Lavender Shad).

Table Rock Secret features foil sides, iridescent purple back, and faded chartreuse belly

Key Features:

  • Realistic Shad Profile and Colors

  • Falls Flat

  • Fish Horizontal Through the Water Column

  • Shows Up Well On Live Sonar

  • Featuring a Custom Spiral Willow Blade

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