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Megabass Dog-X Jr. Coayu (BFS)

Megabass Dog-X Jr. Coayu (BFS)

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Length: 2-3/4in
Weight: 1/5oz
Hooks: #8

The DOG-X JR COAYU is a small baitfish-sized walking bait equipped with Megabass’ patented moving balancer systems for unrivaled action. Featuring a SIDE-STEPPING MOVING BALANCER(PAT.) that throws its weight to the left and right to power dynamic, hard-cutting turns, COAYU demonstrates that smaller baits can deliver outsized action. The smooth-sliding action of the DOG-X Jr. COAYU cuts an enticing line across glassy waters, calling predators with mesmerizing cadence and detail. Speed up the retrieve and/or increase the power of each twitch, and COAYU bursts to life with frantic baitfish-like action and appeal. Finished with a tail-mounted lateral moving balancer, COAYU casts with distance and precision and gives off a compelling “click/knock” sound with each twitch.

We recommend a braid to leader setup. Leader line diameter will affect lure action, particularly lures in which the angler is responsible for imparting action, like a walking bait or jerkbait. We have found 4-6lb leader material to be optimal for most situations.

Please note: smaller diameter braids paired with light line monofilament are more susceptible to line shear. Test your leader knots before making your first cast and increase line diameter (or switch to more durable fluorocarbon) if you experience shear.

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