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Mike Bucca

Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad

Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad

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Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Shad is a fresh, downsized ABS plastic version of Mike's legendary resin poured bait. All the fish-catching characteristics of the classic Bull Shad are packed into this three-joint swimbait at an amazing price. Rivaling the action of the sauciest West Coast style swimbait, Catch Co. partnered with Mike Bucca to create a new legend. This downsized swimbait is available in 7 tasty color patterns that mimic all types of shad and other popular baitfish.

Fishing this bait is as simple and effective as it gets. Cast and retrieve in shallow water and hold on tight because you’re gonna get bit!

  • Jointed body for life-like swimming action
  • Bite sized with a brushed tail to perfectly resemble baitfish
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