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P-Line EndurX - Monster Green

P-Line EndurX - Monster Green

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EndurX braid has all of the features and benefits of traditional braided lines, an extremely high strength to diameter ratio, braided with 8 carriers which make the weave tight and compact, virtually no stretch and a silky-smooth surface which gives it great castability. What separates EndurX from the competition is the use of a No-Fade raw material which is colored before the braiding process takes place. Anglers can expect a braided line which has unparalleled color retention which is why we are offering a lifetime guarantee against fading. It’s simple, the braid you put on your reel today will be the same color tomorrow and for years to come and we guarantee that!

  • Unparalleled Color Retention
  • Lifetime Fade Guarantee
  • Supreme Durability
  • Maximum Sensitivity
  • Superlative Castability
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