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Power Pro

Power Pro - Moss Green

Power Pro - Moss Green

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Featuring the latest technology in Spectra fiber, Power Pro Maxcuatro Spectra Line is 25% thinner than existing PowerPro lines with equivalent strength. Its thinner diameter means improved casting distance, and also increases the line capacity of your reels. Incredibly strong as well, its advanced 4-carrier braid construction utilizes the newest Honeywell Spectra HT fiber. Downsize your tackle and maximize your total fishing performance with Maxcuatro by PowerPro.

Line Diameter Inches Millimeters
20lb 0.007 0.19
30lb 0.009 0.23
40lb 0.011 0.28
50lb 0.012 0.32
65lb 0.014 0.36
80lb 0.016 0.41
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