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Sampo Swivels - Nickel

Sampo Swivels - Nickel

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Sampo Swivel with the finest quality high-strength stainless steel split rings, matched to swivel size. Sampo Swivels with Split Rings provide excellent no-twist protection for leader connections, spinnerbaits and big game fishing.

Nickel Finish (A Series):

 New Item  No.  Old Item  No.  Lb.  Test  Swivels/Pack 
 3201-1A  1RB  10  3
 3201-2A  2RB  12  3
 3201-3A  3RB  15  3
 3201-4A  4RB  30  3
 3201-5A  5RB  50  2
 3201-6A  6RB  70  2
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