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SPRO Fat Papa 55

SPRO Fat Papa 55

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Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Russ Lane, designed the Spro Fat Papa 55 Crankbait for late fall and early winter when the water gets cold right through to prespawn. "I don't want to say the Fat Papa 55's only for early spring and cold water but that's really what I had in mind with this bait," says Lane. The Spro Fat Papa 55 has a much tighter wiggling action than the Fat Papa 70, and where the Fat Papa 70 is silent, Russ added rattles to the Fat Papa 55. "I think you need rattles in cooler water. I don't know the reason why, but based on experience, I just get a whole lot more bites with rattles in cooler water, and there's often a correlation with cold water fishing being dirtier water," admits Russ. The rattle also serves as a weight transfer system, allowing the Fat Papa 55 to cast extremely far considering its size, and it helps it dive deeper than other baits in its class as well. The rattle is also made out of lead, which produces more of a "thud" sound as it knocks around in its internal chamber. Equipped with super sharp #4 Gamakatsu trebles and available in a variety of colors, including some custom painted colors designed by Russ Lane, himself, the Spro Fat Papa 55 Crankbait may the little brother of the Fat Papa 70, but it isn't little on catching fish.

Length - 2.17"
Weight -  1/2oz.
Depth - 5-9ft.

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