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SPRO Soft Bait Magnet

SPRO Soft Bait Magnet

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Maximize your hook-up ratio with the Spro Soft Bait Hook Keeper Magnet. Perfect for rigging your trailer hook on your favorite soft plastic, the magnet easily and securely mounts with a molded screw-lock system. The Soft Bait Hook Keeper Magnet is strong enough to hold your trailer hook in place firmly, yet easily releases the hook from the lure when a bass strikes to not only up your hook-up ratio but also extend the life of your bait.

Further bolstering the amount of fish that ultimately end up in your boat, the Soft Bait Hook Keeper Magnet allows all of your treble’s hook points to be exposed rather than having one buried in the bait itself like more traditional trailer hook arrangements. Easy to use and incredibly effective, the Spro Soft Bait Hook Keeper Magnet is a smart and innovative accessory to add to your favorite swimbaits and other soft plastics that benefit from a trailer hook.

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