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Strike King

Strike King Bitsy Jerkbait

Strike King Bitsy Jerkbait

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Strike King's Bitsy Jerkbait maintains the same ratio of roll, wiggle, and flash as the original KVD Jerkbaits, but was crafted to excel in small ponds, creeks, and lakes. The 1/8 oz. Bitsy Jerkbait and has premium size 10 hooks and is slow sinking to catch the attention of bass, trout, panfish, and a variety of other species. The Bitsy line up brings high quality baits into a Bitsy sized profile, perfect for catching all types of species in various bodies of water.

  • IDEAL JERKBAIT for small ponds, creeks, and lakes
  • BASS, TROUT, PANFISH, and any other species you can imagine will crush the Bitsy Jerkbait
  • STRONG light wire hooks to ensure the bait reaches its maximum potential and result in better action
  • BITSY brings premium quality baits into a bitsy sized profile that are perfect for catching all types on species in all different bodies of water
  • QUALITY, ACTION, and DURABILITY found in Strike King's KVD Jerkbaits are fully present in the Bitsy Jerkbait
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