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Strike King

Strike King Filler Worm 6"

Strike King Filler Worm 6"

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 The Strike King Filler Worm is a 6-inch worm that is designed to be fished for a finesse presentation, featuring a wide head for added durability, increasing the strength of the plastic to last for multiple fish catches. Strike King has engineered the Filler Worm using their advanced Open Pour Technology (OPT) to create 16 premium, multi-colored blends for a striking, fish-attracting appearances in the water. OPT also allows for a thin bottom layer of salt-infused plastic that helps the Filler Worm stay upright on a drop shot rig. The key feature of the Filler Worm is the vibrant action of the simplistic, yet enticing tail of the worm, causing it to quiver and move at the slightest flicker of the rod tip.

  • The Strike King Filler Worm is a 6-inch worm that is designed for a drop shot rig, but also excels in other finesse applications, such as on the Strike King Tour Grade Mini Mag Jig Head or on a downsized Carolina Rig
  • Strike King designed the Filler Worm with an extra-wide head to give the worm added strength and durability, so anglers can now use a single worm for longer, with more hours of casting and more fights with aggressive fish
  • Strike King utilizes the advanced Open Pour Technology (OPT) for the Filler Worm. This system allows for more life-like, vibrant colors that mimic natural forage and attract fish. OPT also gives the Filler Worm a layer of salt-infused plastic. This salt, added only along the bottom, allows the Filler Worm to stay upright when it is rigged on a drop shot, creating a more natural presentation for fish that are finicky and more challenging to catch
  • The Filler Worm is offered in 16 vivid, fish-attracting colors that have been developed by the Strike King pro staff
  • Strike King offers the Filler Worm in packs of 10
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