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Z-Man Fishing

Z-Man Micro Finesse StingerZ

Z-Man Micro Finesse StingerZ

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This 2” straight tail micro baitfish imitation is a crappie and panfish angler’s dream, thanks to its natural shad profile, bulky easy-to-rig body, thin segmented midsection, and bulbous swinging stinger tail—and of course its 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction!

An exclusive Z-Man bait shape, the 2” StingerZ™ features a unique segmented, straight tail shad profile. A thick, shad/baby panfish body sculpt features a convenient hook slot for easy rigging.  Its segmented tail undulates and quivers continuously, activated by a bulbous stinger. The buoyancy and durability of the ElaZtech® material also makes the bait ideal for the dock shooting technique—just pull the tail, let the stretchy superplastic material do its thing, and fire away.  The StingerZ™ is designed to pair seamlessly with Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ jigheads and fishes ideally while cast and retrieved horizontally, fished vertically, or hung below a bobber/float rig, tail hovering and waving seductively in each application. The 10X Tough ElaZtech® superplastic aresists tail bite-offs from nuisance fish and allows anglers to fish the same bait for hours on end, even during a hot bit.  The StingerZ™ is available in ten colors that include the most sought-after crappie and panfish patterns.

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