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Z-Man Pro Shroomz

Z-Man Pro Shroomz

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Melding the traditional ShroomZ™ jighead shape and hallmark welded wire keeper with a heavy duty 2/0 hook yields a pro-quality Ned head that is better suited for heavier line, drag settings, and rods preferred by hardcore tournament bass anglers.

Featuring the mushroom shaped head preferred by Ned Rig enthusiasts, the Pro ShroomZ™ jighead sports a beefy, 2/0 hook sought after by serious tournament anglers for more lifting power in heavy current situations and around cover. Like its lighter wire Finesse ShroomZ™ sibling, this beefed up Ned head sports a welded wire keeper that makes rigging ElaZtech® superplastics a breeze and pins them securely in place. Pairing perfectly with a variety of TRD™ finesse baits, the Pro ShroomZ™ is available in weights up to 1/3 oz for deep water applications.

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